Akaigawa Tomo, a vision for tomorrow

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Aikagawa Tomo Symbioresort, Blue Waves Group

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Imagine a beautiful place, surrounded by stunning scenery, where an entire community of people can live, work, learn and play. A community that holds friendliness at its core, rooted in a genuine, peaceful way of living, carried on for generations. Yet, a community that also displays a progressive model for innovation in technology, agriculture and development.

Welcome to Akaigawa Tomo – an embodiment of sustainable design and clean technology, where people, ecology and tradition are integrated with industry, government and enterprise, creating the world’s first SymbioResort.

Tomo is inspired by tomorrow, which implies the dynamic and forward-thinking vision of Akaigawa Tomo SymbioResort. Tomo also means friends in Japanese, emphasising the importance of a nurturing community, tied to both humanity and nature.

It is a positive vision of the future, where sustainability is deeply ingrained in the day-to-day life of the community.


Akaigawa TOMO PlayparkAkaigawa TOMO PlayparkAkaigawa TOMO PlayparkAkaigawa TOMO PlayparkAkaigawa TOMO Playpark

At Blue Waves, we believe in order to have a sustainable ‘tomorrow’, we need to nurture our relationship with nature. We have created Akaigawa TOMO Playpark, a nature playground to promote friendship and interaction between man and nature. Our facilities include a fishing pond, camping ground, bicycle rental, ATV and archery.

More information can be found on Akaigawa TOMO Playpark website.

Andaru Niseko

A Signature of Contemporary Lifestyle Andaru means ‘Gift from God’ – describes the precious nature of the Andaru offer. Its Sanskrit origin points to Indonesian / Balinese cultural influences for the brand. Andaru provides guests with a luxury private home and more than just a hotel.

It offers a holistic holiday experience by blending comfort, personalised service and luxury with the culture and heritage of the local place. Andaru is crafted carefully to fulfil upscale travellers expectations for a luxury homestay experience surrounded by the natural beauty of nature, where the staff always respond promptly and discreetly to everything the guests needs.

This year, we will introduce our latest development, Andaru Villas Niseko. Located at the tip of a potato farming in Niseko, Hokkaido, the unobstructed view of Mt. Yotei will be the focal point of the property.  Inspired by Ainu tribe, the indigenous tribe of Hokkaido, both interior and exterior of Andaru Villas Niseko will become one of a kind in Niseko area.