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Blue Waves Group

A 90 Year Heritage, 10 Prominent Companies. 15, 000 Employees Worldwide.

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Our Story

The group enjoys rich history in processed food manufacturing, milk production, f&b and retail industry. Further growing, Blue Waves Group is constantly exploring new markets and business possibilities.


This fascinating mix of industries has allowed our teams to accure wide knowledge and expertise, and has enabled the Group to strategically position itself as an expert in forward-thinking business models and leadership.


Over the past decade, the group have rapidly expanded its restaurant business, advertising agency, and electric car distribution, also adding hospitality and  investment company to its portfolio.

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Aikagawa Tomo Symbioresort, Blue Waves Group

Over the years, Blue Waves Group have explored new opportunities in various industries, mutually benefiting with our partners, growing new families and building more communities in different countries.

Today, we enter Akaigawa – Japan, with our latest creation, Akaigawa Tomo Symbioresort. Tomo, inspired by tomorrow, where it implies the dynamic and forward thinking vision of our team to inherit nature to the next generation. In Japanese, Tomo also means ‘friend’ which emphasise the importance of a nurturing community, tied in both humanity and nature.

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